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The discipline of testing continues to growth and ISTQB preparation guide becomes more demanded. More and more people want to test software in more structured and scientific way. How to become an experienced tester? Many experts will say that you need to read a large amount of industry-related books.

However, can you read less and become more informed? This can be achieved through using ISTQB learning material that we offer. Learning ISTQB papers will give you a good overview of the knowledge that can be useful to a tester. After passing the exam, you will receive a documented knowledge.

Let’s see how the ISTQB course material can be useful to testers:

  • You increase your chances for better employment or career growth. If the Junior tester can have a few amount of practical skills, employees expect more from experienced testers. ISTQB papers with answers will let you know the alternatives for decisions, and which one would be preferable in some situations and why.
  • You will improve their position in the labor market. The number of certified testers is growing and if you suddenly want to change your job, you should better have the certificate.
  • Our ISTQB CTFL foundation level study guide helps to update and expand your knowledge and skills.

It is impossible to observe the whole breadth of your profession having just experience of working in one or two companies. ISTQB foundation material will give you this possibility. If you do not get new knowledge, your horizons will be limited to a very small part of reality. ISTQB study guide will broader your knowledge and help you to make decisions faster and better. Learn ISTQB course material in PDF and you will be able to justify your decisions in front of bosses and colleagues.

We focus on providing testers with the potential ISTQB Foundation test papers. We base our materials on the previous test questions from ISTQB 2013 papers, for instance. Take advantage of learning our ISTQB test papers and get more creative! You will become more creative in solving your everyday tasks.

Download ISTQB material foundation level in PDF format and it will give you new knowledge, it will fill in the gaps and systematize things you have already knew. ISTQB certification study guide increases and improves the quality of your thinking.

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22 Dec 12:03 pm

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Today is my happy day and I just wanted to let you know that I passed the ISTQB Foundation Exam after studying on this website. Thanks guys.

Pavel Stron,

Finally, I've passed the exam and got 86% score. I took many quizzes with test online generator so this kind of practising prepared me well. Thanks! Definately worth of the money spent.


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